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The After

What is "The After"?

It is where you want to be. It is the moment when you can proudly post and declare "Look at me now"! Think of a before and after picture. The before is usually someone who isn't smiling; being obviously unhappy with their appearance. Maybe they have some extra weight on them, maybe they are not as toned as they would like to be. Now think of the after. A thin, toned, glowing depiction of someone who has truly earned the right to love themselves.

That's the problem.

Why is it that in order to smile and be proud of our progress we need to see a specific number on the scale or fit into that one pair of jeans we wore back in college? We are often fighting an uphill battle to be who we once were rather than celebrating who we have grown to be.

Now, I am not saying that it is wrong to want to lose weight or to change our appearance. I myself have lost over 100 lbs naturally and gratefully help others on their own journey. What I am saying is that your after doesn't have to look like the stereotypical weight loss success story. Whether you are petite, midsize, or plus size you should be working towards the healthiest and happiest version of you. Your success should not be defined by the scale or by your pants size. You can be the after as you are.

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